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There's a show on 'Really' where a chap is complaining that facilities aren't suitable for fat people (his words).

He wants to have things changed to make things larger. Like all loos should be bigger - well that means there have to be fewer as no more space is available. So you'll have to queue more but he doesn't mention that. He wants restaurants to have fewer tables so more space - sounds great until you look at the figures for restaurants going out of business as it is and reducing the maximum number of covers they can take will only make that worse. You can get bigger seats on planes - they are they really expensive ones because the plane can fit fewer of them on.

That we are getting bigger is a problem (I am overweight myself) and it should be solved, not by making facilities bigger but putting money and effort into dealing with the issue. It's more important to find a way to stop (or at least slow) the increase in size. Nurses, paramedics, undertakers and care workers are struggling to deal with the problem. It's yet another strain on the NHS - which is struggling anyway.

It's true that men and women are getting a complex about their bodies. The superskinny look that is currently fashionable is equally unhealthy. That fat people get abuse in the street is completely unacceptable but that's a completely different issue from re-arranging the country.
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Saw Mud last night. Generally it's an interesting film, well acted and beautifully shot.

But it suffers from the classic lack of interest in the women in the movie. There are only four female speaking parts. So it passes the first stage of the Bechdel Test but instantly fails the second as these woman never have a conversation with each other.

As far as this film goes there is no reason why they should - their thoughts and motivations aren't what its interested in. The women are victims, villains or objects of desire for the men and that's it.

Mud is a thoughtful film in many ways and this would be unfair - why should all films care about the women in it? - if this wasn't the prevalent sentiment of most film and television at the moment.

Frankly I'm tired of it. Women, especially those over 40 are invisible as far as most media are concerned. And should they dare to try to appear they get hounded like Mary Beard (fortunately she shook the unpleasant comments off but it had to hurt)


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A incredible day.

Someone really upset me and then I was cheered up by the kindness of friends and incredible generosity of family.
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I've just seen Macbeth with James McAvoy. I can't recommend it.

It isn't bad per se, it's just okay - which is in itself disappointing. I was expecting James M to use his real accent for a change but instead did a strange version of it. Frankly the only person who stood out was Lady MacDuff.

Reading the programme they had all these high flying ideas for the setting - about tyrants and setting it in a futuristic distopia, which are fair enough but don't quite work.

It got a standing ovation by some of the audience - but that smacked more of celebrity worship rather than appreciation of the production.

All in be glad it's sold out and that you saved the money on the ticket and go and see something else.


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I'm catching up on Howard Goodall's the Story of Music and he's going on about how wonderful Even temperament is and that it's been used for 300 years.

He's even gone as far to use Bach's well tempered clavier as evidence of even temperament in use at the time.

I'm almost spitting at the screen and contemplating writing a letter of complaint.

In other respects (if you ignore how he has distorted, ignored and simplified history to make his point) it's a good show.

I'm tempted to send him a copy of 'How Equal Temperament Ruined Harmony: And Why You Should Care' to teach him the error of his ways.


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I've never been a great follower of Jonathan Creek but I thought it entertaining until I saw last night's one.

Good Heavens, with the number of good writers out there who can't get work how did this get written! Spoilers ahead.Collapse )

But what I really want to know is what was on the DVD that was supposed to be so devastating. They are irritatingly oblique about it. Okay so it's Tony Blair and ? talking about what? We get one sentence that is so vague.

Is it the Iraq war? Doing whatever Murdoch asked? What?

There are plenty of scandals, give us a break and a bit more information to identify which one you're talking about.


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Just got back from Redemption. It's a con I enjoy but it has it's ups and downs.

As I was running the Masquerade and Cabaret again I had to get there before 5 for a sign up session. I decided to start in plenty of time only to find I had a nail in one of my car tyres. As it's illegal to do a long journey knowingly with a flat spare I went and got the tyre fixed. The place was local and so fast that I still just managed to get to Coventry in time. I think that the universe doesn't like me getting places early and adjusts accordingly if I try. Fortunately I don't try that often.

Saturday was spent running the masquerade and Cabaret. The entries were generally good (some excellent) and I encouraged (or mugged in corridors) a couple of people to enter and the show was well attended and ran without major issue. However, I didn't perform on my Bray harp as I'd intended as it was an added complication I didn't need.

Doing this, though, does take almost 1 1/2 days out of a 2 1/2 day event and I end up with very little time to do much else - especially as I decided to have a headache on my usually free Sunday. Something that stopped me from helping much in ops and caused me to leave earlier then I'd intended. I also made some silly errors in my planning that irritated me and made me think I should be handing this over to someone else.

However, as I have managed to get myself involved with the WorldCon Masquerade I need to do a better job for that regardless of any other considerations.
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Today, someone I had to deal with decided to wear a T-shirt saying:-

'To stupid to understand science? Try Religion.'

It distracted me from what I was supposed to be concentrating on.

It amazes me how people who presume to pride themselves on science and reason also pride themselves on thinking that debate is merely insulting the people who disagree with you.

For the record, I understand science (well some of it - as it's a vast field - to an amateur level - as I've not done research), I make my living as an engineer. I also have faith and am not ashamed to say so.
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I spend too much time and money with QVC but amazingly I have got some good value off it (Possible if you shop with care and carry a barrel full of salt about with you)

I realise that I'm not too far gone when I look at today's Today's Special Value and think - "Oh my God that is truly horrible. What are they thinking!"

There may be hope for me yet.


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Went to the theatre again last night. It was a friend's production. It's an interesting play called Angel Cake set at the End of the World.

There's much I could say about it (loneliness and isolation are big themes) but the things that struck particularly was that during it several books had their last paragraph read out (there being no time left to read the whole book) and 50 Shades of Grey was one.

It was amazing just how terrible that sentence was. It was made worse that it was in the company of Great Expectations and the Big Friendly Giant but it would have been appalling alone.

Just goes to show you don't have to be good to be successful you just have to catch the moment.

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